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In the 1980s, the West End rivalled Broadway with the arrival of mega musicals and the age of the Brit Hits. After his success with Tim Rice, Andrew Lloyd Webber went on to create musicals such as 'Cats', 'The Phantom of the Opera' and 'Starlight Express' which continue to delight audiences to this day.  Claude-Michel Schonberg & Alain Boubil wrote a French musical based on epic novel, 'Les Miserables' which has continued to make the people sing on both sides of the Atlantic for more than 30 years. This decade was also the beginning of theatrical memorabilia and merchandise as shows created additional income from the sale of mugs and t-shirts emblazoned with the famous images associated with the shows that audiences came to see.





Stephen Schwartz's musical Children of Eden is based on the Biblical book of Genesis. Although it hasn't been as successfully commercial as some of Schwartz's other musicals, it is performed regularly by community and regional theatres around the USA, as one of the top 20 musicals licensed by its publishers.  A two act musical, storytellers help tell the story of creation and Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden in Act 1 and in Act 2, the story of Noah's Ark.


First written for a high school religious camp in 1986, it was adapted and developed into a full length musical by the Royal Shakespeare Company, under the direction of John Caird. It opened in 1991 at the Prince Edward Theatre on the West End with Martin Smith as Adam and Ken Page as Father. It has had a number of one off revivals but it still impacts youth groups throughout the world today.




I came across 'Spark of Creation' on YouTube when I was looking for new song material and was captivated by the lyrics and melody of Schwartz's songs. Although I have never seen the show, the soundtrack is brilliantly evocative and tells the story vividly. I hope one day to see a production to see it on stage myself.




'Spark of Creation' is sung by Eve when she is in the Garden of Eden with Adam. She wonders if more lies beyond and  hungers for more than she can see - for knowledge and adventure. She sings it before she is tempted by the  snake to eat the apple from the tree of knowledge that changes everything that she and Adam have known.



Music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz

Book by John Caird

Based on the book of Genesis, Old Testament

Originally staged at the Prince Edward Theatre

on the West End, 1991



(1991 Original West End)

Father :  Ken Page

Snake :  Richard Lloyd-King

Adam : Martin Smith

Eve : Shezwae Powell

Cain : Adrian Beaumont

Noah : Kevin Colson

Mama Noah : Earlene Bentley

Yonah : Frances Ruffelle

Japheth : Anthony Barclay

Shem : Craig Pinder

Ham : Ray Shell

Aysha : Hiromi Itoh

Aphra : Ruthie Henshall

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