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Albion Forlorn

Albion Forlorn 29x29mm

'Albion Forlorn is a production which has a lot to say about today’s society'


'Thoughtful, clever and wistful but never maudlin! Slyly amusing with a lot going on' 


In 2013, Lily returned to the Edinburgh Fringe with English Cabaret to perform a satirical cabaret. A torch song for the state we are in, Albion Forlorn charts the progress of a young boy as he encounters the fractured dreams and disillusionment of a disjointed 21st century Britain.


Lily Casson

Sue Casson

Robert Blackmore

Rebecca Morton

Piano by Chris Littleboy


Concieved and directed by Tom Blackmore

Music and lyrics by Sue Casson

Choreographed by Sarah Morton


To see production shots from the show, see the gallery below.

To read more about Albion Forlorn, click on the image above or click here.

'Tender and melodic...talented and powerful'

Three Weeks