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Dreams of Peace & Freedom:

The Law is a Living Thing

Dreams of Peace and Freedom minus C

Lily has performed in Dreams of Peace & Freedom, a songcyle telling the story of her great grandfather, David Maxwell Fyfe,  since it premiered under the title of Under an English Heaven, for the film of the same name. Since then, she has gone on to perform as it evolved into an extended version all over the UK and Europe.


Narrated by Robert Blackmore


Sung by Lily Casson, Jessica Holgate and Sue Casson, at the piano  


See the gallery below to see some of the places she has performed.


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'***** One of most beautiful things I've ever heard...A timely intervention in the debate on human rights. Enthralling. Sublime.

A secular hymn for humanity.'


'These fitting texts are given spirited delivery by the young performers.'


'A wonderful and meaningful performance'  

Professor Francesca Klug OBE


Dominic Grieve QC MP